Purchase Assistant

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First Time Home Buyers:

Now is a good time to consider purchasing your first home.  With our access to several first-time home buyer programs, we can get you in a home with little money down, with no private mortgage insurance, a FHA loan program.  Certain income and/or geographic locations may apply, so call us today.  We will start to work on putting you in the loan program right for you.

On to Your Next Home?

If you are upsizing to find a bigger home for your family or downsizing to make your home life more manageable, we can help structure a loan to meet your needs.  Not only do we offer a 30-year fixed rate loan, but we can put together a custom term loan ranging from 8 to 29 years.  Looking for a lower payment?  We have adjustable rate loans and interest only loans to free up your family’s monthly cash flow.  Before you begin shopping for your next home, let us get you pre-approved and help you determine the best loan for you and your family.

Looking to Buy Investment Property?

As experienced real estate investors, we can help you the purchase of your first investment property or your tenth.  We can share with you our experience of successes and mistakes we made.  We have a sizeable amount of loan programs, so we help you reach your investing goals.

Whether you are purchasing your first home or your dream home, we have the experience to you through the buying process.

This Free Purchase Assistant has been designed to help narrow down options based on your individual needs. It’s quick, it’s easy, and the more questions you answer – the more accurate your results. You’ll receive the Purchase information you need instantly without all the calls and emails!